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My daughter has a father who is physically abusive, a documented schizophrenic, homeless, drug addict, pathological liar and who constantly drags her around dangerous people. He's been charged as a minor for being violent and selling drugs to schoolmates and has been arrested as an adult for bodily injury to a child (his teenage sister), bodily injury to a family member (his pregnant wife) and another bodily injury to a family member (his wife and 5 month old daughter). All of this is public record. Most recently reported was an attack on his now ex girlfriend (undergoing investigation). I have several witnesses saying he stole from them, had them watch his daughter while he disappeared, did drugs around my daughter, is homeless constantly and is verbally as well as physically abusive. My now 3-year-old daughter told me he hit her in the face because he was mad. She returns home to us so filthy she is shades darker, is saturated in cigarette smoke, has matted hair and a severe diaper rash, doesn't want any type of physical touch or to be looked at much less spoken to because it freaks her out. She eats enough food for two adults to feel sick and drinks bottle after bottle of water when she returns home. How is this okay? How is he allowed to take me to court for keeping her from these situations, but I'm not allowed to protect my daughter? I am pleading with whichever judge this goes to to PLEASE consider the safety and well-being both physical and emotional of my daughter, Phoebe Adina Mae Lowery. Please see these signatures agreeing that this needs to be changed. Jacob Wayne Lowery doesn't deserve chance after chance at the expense of his innocent child. She deserves protection, stability and a healthy environment where she is unconditionally loved by everyone around her. He's had more than 3 years to find a residence, a steady job and to establish a healthy and stable way of life for himself and his daughter, but is constantly jumping from place to place, using one person after another. Let him live the life he's chosen to live, but please leave my beautiful, sweet, innocent little girl out of it. Thank you for your time and thorough consideration in this matter.

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