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Bring 99.5 The X back to Eastern NC

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Update as of 10/23/17. I am overwhelmed by all the support we have received since Friday. While I am still upset about what happened but it is time to suck it up and make an end goal. So here is our mission statement. Curtis Media Group is in this for money. They are a corporation so I get it. So the plan is to speak their language. It’s time to take a crash course in business... If you are reading this and you own a business and love 99X I have a proposal for you. If you would be willing to show support please contact me. I’m not asking for money, a contract, or anything binding but I would like you to partner with me  in showing Curtis Media that businesses are behind 99X and would want to advertise with them if they were brought back on air! If you are interested please contact me through the Facebook page or twitter. And if you know someone who owns a business and think they would be interested please help me get in touch. There is a real chance of sitting down with Curtis Media and showing them the numbers in the works. 

On October 20th 2017 Curtis Media Group took a very well loved station off the air leaving thousands of hurt fans and many people unemployed. 99.5 The X has been a staple for rockers in NC for 21 years. It is the station that introduced me to the music and bands that have shaped me and my life. Rock music and it’s fans have been alienated in society enough as it is and for us this station was a place of solace. We felt understood and accepted. We discovered new and old music alike. 99x was more than a radio station, it was a community. We tuned in faithfully everyday for the 90s nooner with Blando and took unforgettable rides with Mick on the short bus and local bands had their platform every Sunday on local 99. I’m asking everyone to please stand with me to bring back our station. 

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