Petition Update

Update and future goals

Moshe Yehuda Bernstein
Perth, WA

Jun 11, 2013 — In an article from The Australian in which Pro Vice-Chancellor Franzmann was interviewed, it was mentioned that other areas with low viability, such as the Astrophysics project researching the Square Kilometer Array Telescope, have been prioritized as a "strategic area" and subsidized accordingly. In my view, with the Australian government having already announced the onset of the Asian Century, a similar prioritization of the majors in question as "strategic areas" should be undertaken by the university administration. After all, as much as we wish to enhance our knowledge of distant galaxies, which will be benefit a handful of astrophysicists and perhaps a few analysts from ASIO, is it not equally if not more important to enhance our knowledge of our Asian neighbors? It is indeed a shame that Curtin, like many other tertiary institutions, has replaced the criterion of educational value with that of financial viability. The new headline of this petition reflects this position. Thanks!