Petition Update


Moshe Yehuda Bernstein
Perth, WA

Jun 11, 2013 — (Part 1)
First, thanks to the 680 supporters who have taken the time to sign and share this petition. I had hoped to have good news at this stage, but I am afraid that news is quite mixed. The Humanities faculty and School of Education have re-evaluated the numbers involved in determining the viability of three majors in question; initially, they had erroneously calculated those numbers in a way that made all three majors seem financially nonviable. Since recalculating, it has been determined that Japanese, with the highest numbers, will retain its status as a major. Chinese, with numbers not quite so high, is on probation for one year with a new determination to its status made at the end of that period. Asian Studies, with the lowest enrollment, is to be terminated at the year's end. For now, it is still important to continue sharing this petition. (See Part 2 to understand why.)