Petition Update

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Moshe Yehuda Bernstein
Perth, WA

May 8, 2013 — In light of the possibility of the School of Education's retention of a Chinese major, to accommodate a recently proposed double with Accounting, it is important to keep up the pressure in order to ensure the reinstatement of both Japanese and Asian Studies as well. Both of these courses are essential to future commercial and cultural exchanges with Asia. Although I have received a response from the Head of the School of Education, claiming that low enrolments render these courses not viable, it is uncertain whether she is figuring the many double majors from the School of Business supplemented with Chinese and/or Japanese. I have argued that, given their educational value, even if the contention of decreasing enrolments were accurate, it is then incumbent on the School to promote these course rather than eliminate them. Thanks to all who have signed so far; I urge you to continue to share this petition to ensure the maximum number of signatories.