Petitioning Pro-Vice Chancellor - Humanities. Curtin University Prof. Majella Franzmann

Curtin University, Pro-Vice Chancellor-Humanities, Prof. Majella Franzmann: Stop the closure of on campus enrollments in Internet Studies.

A decision made by Curtin University's Pro-Vice Chancellor - Humanities, Professor Majella Franzmann, on Friday the 26th of April 2013 will see the closure of the on campus enrollments and teaching of the Internet Studies degree/major by 2014/2015.

The degree will continue to be taught, conceivably for some time yet, through Curtin University's partnership with Open University's Australia. As such, the degree will remain a viable and accepted degree for some time to come.

However, there are questions regarding the sustainability of a department that does not have on-campus students. Students will not be able to enroll externally with the university, making OUA the only avenue for this degree.

We ask that the faculty and administration reconsider this decision, consult with the current students and teachers, and see that this degree is worth keeping.

This is the only course of it's type in Australia and, with a society ever-moving forward with its engagement online, across a multitude of everyday sectors, it seems counter-intuitive to limit enrollments.

Letter to
Pro-Vice Chancellor - Humanities. Curtin University Prof. Majella Franzmann
Please reverse your decision regarding the closure of on campus enrollments in Internet Studies.

This degree, started by a progressive and forward thinking administration and faculty, is not offered elsewhere in the world - a testament to the unique opportunities offered at Curtin University. To remove this opportunity to any, excluding Open University Students is a mistake.

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