Partial Refund of Fees for Curtin University Malaysia

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To whom it may concern,

Covid-19 has changed our lives as it continues to spread around the world and is not slowing down at any rate. Staffs and lecturers are working to the bone in order to provide support for students throughout this period of time from online orientations to online teaching. Our prime minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, has also called for a Restriction Movement Order (RMO) in which the public is asked to stay home and will be fined if any rules were to be broken.

This leads to the facilities in our campus of Curtin University Malaysia being closed and no longer operational for students and staffs to access, resulting to online teaching. As the RMO was called for during the semester itself, most students have already paid for their tuition fees, accommodation fees, recreational fees and so on.

Whilst we commend the effort taken by the management and lecturers to shift all classes online, it is still not the same in comparison to classes held on campus. Students miss out on face to face engagement, chances of direct consultation, usage of campus facilities for learning and much more. Certain assessments for units have also been changed to better fit with the current circumstances which are not practical in nature and significantly hinders the quality of learning.

It would be seen reasonable for students to request for a partial refund to the fees mentioned as it is not ultimately our responsibility to bear the cost of the impact of Covid-19 on our academic resources. Please sign to support this, thank you very much!