Curry College Carpet Removal

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As a blind student at Curry College, I use a guide dog as a mobility aid. She is my hero, and allows me to have the independence that everyone else does. I do not know what I would do without her as my sidekick.

I live here on campus, at Curry, and for the most part it is great! There is only one problem... the floors in my dorm have rugs. This may not seem like an issue to some, but as someone with a service dog, this can cause some unexpected cleaning fees. Like people, dogs can get sick. This leads to "stuff" happening, not to anyone's fault. As someone who is blind, cleaning this up properly on a rug is challenging. I want to be able to clean this "stuff" up by myself, without having to pay a fee for not being able to see if it is all clean. The cleaning fee for this is $35-$50. This may not seem like a lot money, but with a dog, this can add up.

I am asking you to sign this petition to create an inclusive environment for those with service dogs. I am asking Curry College to remove rugs in a few dorm rooms, and replace them with hard flooring, to allow those who need service dogs, to be able to clean properly without having to be charged. I also believe this will help other students who may medically need an allergy free environment, wheelchair, ect. 

People should not have to pay charges for damages due to a disability, at a place of education. 

Please join me in this fight for independence. 

Thank you!  - Bella Scott