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Establishment of Proper Cafeteria for MSU Vendors

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We demand that the Curriculum on Higher Education (CHED)  will provide funds for the Establishment of Proper Cafeteria for the MSU Vendors.

We have heard that many students in MSU got sick and had suffered stomach pains. Because of this, we campaign that the campus vendors must have proper facilities for their businesses. We campaign because we care about everyone's health. We want MSU vendors to have a proper, better, and comfortable facilities for their customers. If they don't have a proper facility, lot of student will be sick because their business areas are open and exposed to dust and other organisms. We want all vendors to have a clean area and we also want them to be responsible to their food on how they prepare it and have a further investigation about it.

This project wants to keep the foods of MSU vendors clean which lead to the conception of the vision or the main goal which is to guarantee the wellness and health of every individual inside the university. Specifically it aims to:

  • Provide adequate facilities for the students to dine in.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of every food being sold by the vendors which are also bought by the students.
  • Prevent aerial substances that may carry unwanted organisms unto the food.

These goal and objectives are properly addressed for the sake of all staff, stakeholders, students, and all individual inside Mindanao State University.

Our ground is to ensure cleanliness with an aim to guarantee a well-environment and to assure the health of every individual involved inside the University premises. At recent time, there are so many cases of the students having stomach pains that we have observed and concluded that it had been caused by the food that they eat. In this period, we have been prompt to make an action to solve this problem and at the same time to end it. Our purpose, with various intentions, is to avoid such cases that intricate into a series of conditions into the students just like what we have mentioned previously. Moreover, we propose to make the students much comfortable when they eat, to avoid all the dust that may come over their food, and to make the stalls in such pleasant way to stay at and to dine with. And if this petition will get to approve, the chances of the student’s health in such risk would be lessen in real time.


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