A well organized university for West Bengal's Engineering Students

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  1. Odd sem routine still unavailable without a single notice regarding the issue, a week before the supposed starting date of exam
  2. The student portal is basically useless can't even download admit card from there
  3. Taking big steps without any thought execution. Online registration was done without realizing that they can't handle it. Eventually a instantaneous notice was sent that we HAVE TO register offline. 
  4. Students know NOTHING about this new paper checking/online system. 
  5. Stating ridiculous rules a week before exams and then taking them back due to student backlash (calculator ban for example) 
  6. Posting ridiculous stuff on their social media (facebook) account without addressing the real problems faced by the students

This useless, idiotic university just keeps on getting poorer every year. It's time the right people take notice and it's time we, the students get a proper/well organized institution.