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Reinstatement of Mr. Fish as an English Teacher

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Mr. Fish is arguably the most influential teacher at Easley High School. He is the teacher of  Honors English 3, Advanced Placement English Literature, and head staff of the yearbook committee. He was an integral part of the Easley family, and most importantly, one of the few teachers who connects with you as a friend rather than a paid employee. From my personal experience, he is one of a hand full of teachers that I will remember at my class's high school reunion. Mr. Fish was fired due to using profanity in a school activity that was conducted off campus. The activity involved reading anonymous, student-made poems and guessing the author of each. Profanity was allowed, and it was a college-level course. Mr. Fish always writes a poem to add to the collection. Mr. Fish's poems are written in a perspective that tries to fool the students into thinking it was a student author. In this particular poem, Mr. Fish wrote,"fuck" in one of the lines. His purpose was to add poetic and emotional effect. It was not directed at anyone, nor was it said orally. Its purpose was purely to open people's minds. This activity is called: "Poetry Round Table". It was conducted off campus at a local lunch venue. This activity is used to open up to your peers, and see if your peers know you well enough to recognize your work. Many of Fish's exercises are built in a way that bond students who are going through similar problems together. They are all team building. Mr. Fish is now unemployed with one son attending USC, and another going into Tricounty Technical College. His wife is a teacher for the mentally impaired. She is taking the family burden of putting two son's through college on her own shoulders. It is unjust to fire Mr. Fish due to one student being offended by the nature of the activity. The offense does not fit the punishment that is affecting Mr. Fish and his family.

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