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Current Pope of the Catholic Church: Pro-Choice for all Women Catholics for Mental Health

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Pro-Choice for all Catholics is tantamount to the mental and physical health of all women everywhere (regardless of what religion they practice). Change must begin with the Catholic Church who began their war on women with Emperor Constantine. Every other religious effort has followed his example and he was neither priest nor pope, but a 'politician'! It is imperative for women the world over because faith in or a personal relationship with God is an individual one on one relationship where no church or man of any religious dogma should enter into.

There is NO MAN OR WOMAN, CHURCH OR GOVERNING BODY who can tell a woman what to do with her own body. It has to be a decision that is her own and that she takes full responsibility for. WOMEN ARE NOT CHILDREN SO STOP TREATING US LIKE WE ARE!!! Religion should not be allowed to infringe upon the equal rights of even just one woman. I am a Life Coach and have counseled women for over 18 years and much of the trauma that women are facing in life today is related to church or religious controls and dogmas that require them to not only remain in marriages where they are suffering mental and physical abuse they also have no choice if they are Catholic or Protestant to chose whether or not to have any more children if they become pregnant, or they will be excommunicated from the Church! If women get a divorce they are excommunicated and are cast out just like being 'stoned' to death in Jesus' day! Women need the right to participate in their God given - not Pope given - right to worship in the Catholic and other Christian Churches regardless of marital status and whether or not they can manage to care for a child - this is a separate and wholly personal decision and no ones business but their own.

Birth control is part of this as the women are forced to remain in troubling and dis-empowering relationships which includes being FORCED to have children if they get pregnant, and have the pressure to remain in an abusive marriage because they got pregnant (they do not want to raise a child on their own). This puts ALL WOMEN IN A PSYCHOLOGICAL CONUNDRUM that leads to debilitating life long depression, drug use, alcoholism and suicide! These women are complete slaves to not only the Church but also to their HUSBANDS - especially when they are not even allowed the use of birth control. This is misogyny and hatred of women which calls into play the objectification of women's bodies as being under a man's rule! Jesus respected women, and birth control has nothing to do with being a Christian it does however have to do with keeping MEN in control of Women (Stone, 2009).

Sharon R. Stone BS, DD (Psychology and Theology/Social Psych PhD major).
Author of 'Going Clear, Doorway to the Divine', (2009).

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