Resignation of current committee

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It is now time for younger members of the community to manage the mosque and introduce much needed reform. We need committee members that understand the needs of the community and not discriminate against members that are not from the same village or caste.
A man lost his life who could’ve been helped yet WE ALL turned a blind eye to his need. We turned out in droves for his Janaza yet no one gave him a second thought. The mosque is a place of worship and it’s doors should be open to everyone. I urge the community of High wycombe to get together and learn lessons from this. This could happen to any of us in the future. A younger and more educated committee is more appropriate to set up and understand the needs of the community. We need something in place to set up help for vulnerable members be it Muslim or non Muslim be it someone with and addiction or mental health issue. We need to change to serve the community not to wipe our hands away from the needy.
There needs to be a committee set up for the current members to answer why this individual was treated the way he was. It’s disgusting that a video is now in the public domain showing the lack of disregard from the current members.
I urge the community to stand up and oust the current committee for a fresh start for everyone.