#CurbTheCount AND Stop Calories being displayed on menus!

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Calories controlled my life from the age of 12 years old. My life was dictated by them, and I would feel guilty if I had too many. I ended up with a failing heart and being admitted to a mental health hospital when I was 17.

It has taken me 11 years to move away from calorie counting. My story is one of millions from across our society. People who feel trapped on a cycle of calorie counting, guilt...

The Government has launched its new obesity strategy which it says aims to “empower adults and children to live healthier lives.” While I welcome the intention behind the strategy and fully support its desired outcomes, I am really disappointed by the emphasis that the strategy places on weight and calorie counting - rather than on education and empowerment. Not only this but the refusal to consult with people who have eating disorders.

With an estimated 1.25 million Brits suffering from eating disorders, what is proposed as a “common-sense approach” - focussing on weight and calorie counting - is incredibly destructive and will do more harm than good

This strategy risks becoming a “one size fits none” model. The evidence is clear: 93 per cent of diets fail. Add to that the fact that for those with eating disorders, calorie counting does nothing more than create a cycle of guilt and self-hatred.

Mindful of this, I am repeating my calls for the Government to move away from calorie counting and to remove the plans to have these included on menus!

Instead we need to be focusing on education, the whole person, wellbeing and moving away from BMI. Let's #CurbTheCount