Make Dilworth Safe Again !

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 This is a collective effort of parents that originated in Fifth grade Room 6 at Dilworth Elementary School of Cupertino School District and now involves all Dilworth students. We present to the Cupertino Union School District a list of measures we request to have addressed at the District level.

Our concerns stem from multiple encounters with a 5th grade accused student (described as STUDENT-A in the rest of the petition) whose violent tendencies have consistently spiraled into physical outbursts of rage and harm onto classmates, destruction of classroom materials, and using office supplies and classroom furniture as weapons. Numerous complaints have been made about the STUDENT-A earlier during the school year as well. 

The violent incidents of May 3rd 2018 have clearly pushed the limits too far with multiple students getting injured and an attempted attack on the teacher as well as evacuation of Room 6 (third in the school year so far) and students lockdown.

As Parents we are concerned that the safety of all students is jeopardized and no firm action has been taken yet. Students are stressed out, were in lockdown, went home crying and parents are worried that the system has been too protective of the STUDENT-A so far at the expense of safety of all the other students. 

As Parents, our asks are following:

1. CUSD ensure that the top most priority be student safety. 

2. The STUDENT-A be not allowed to return to school for the rest of the school year. 

3. The evidence ( from parents, kids, class teacher and principal) be provided to the middle and high school administrations of Cupertino Union School District and Fremont Union High School District respectively. 

4. The CUSD Zero tolerance policy be enforced strictly and firm actions be taken in a timely manner. 

5. The district administration officials and school liaison to police hold a meeting with parents and assure them of the safety of kids with proper action plan and concrete steps ( more than "they are doing everything they can for the safety of students")

6. Transparency - Parents need more transparency in district and school administration's way of dealing with these situations. There needs to be open door policy discussion and changes as required. 


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