Suspend CUSD Comprehensive Sex Ed Material

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Dear CUSD Board Members,

The new curriculum on Human Growth and Development needs to be suspended for a major revision to reflect true human development and growth. The chosen textbook is misled and biased toward promoting high risk sexual behaviors without adequately addressing sexual transmitted diseases. The detailed, graphic  description of oral, anal, and vaginal sex are required to be "brainstormed"and "interactively" discussed among 7th and 8th graders. The material does not address sexual tramsmitted diseases in scientific manner, such as higher risk of STDs associated with annal and oral sex than vaginal sex. The sexual skits in the material are seductive and sexually stimulating! Overall, the material is not age appropriate and content approriate. We ask CUSD board members to suspend this new human growth and development curriculum. We recommend a citizen advisory committee on human growth and development to search for a scientific rigorous,  evidence based, and community accepted comprehensive sex education curriculum. We recommend to continue the previous sex education curriculum until a new, age and content appropriate curriculum being identified.