Pass the Youth Climate Crisis Package in Cupertino!

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Cupertino Youth Climate Action Team
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The Cupertino Youth Climate Action Team is motivated by the next generation of leaders that are already taking drastic action to address our climate emergency, an issue that will continue to affect us years from now. We are calling on our City Council to adequately address intensifying climate impacts which, unabated, would dramatically destroy human health and development, land and sea food chain networks, and every ecosystem on our earth.

Please sign our petition to ask Cupertino Mayor Steven Scharf to add the following Legislative Items to a future Cupertino City Council agenda. 

1) City Fossil Fuel Divestment
A Resolution for the City of Cupertino to divest fully from the fossil fuel sector and adopt policies to ban future investment in fossil fuels while encouraging investments in sustainable energy projects.

2) Banning Natural Gas
An Ordinance adding a new Chapter to the Cupertino Municipal Code Prohibiting Natural Gas Infrastructure in New Buildings

3) Plastic, Litter, and Toxics Reduction
An Ordinance that will reduce plastic pollution by prohibiting the distribution of plastic straws, among other foodware accessories, and providing allowed accessories only upon request. The ordinance will also eliminate toxic fluorinated chemicals from foodware products.

4) Building Reach Codes
Establish aggressive building reach codes including wiring for electric vehicle charging so that new buildings in Cupertino can run on carbon free electricity.

We have sent sample Ordinances and Resolutions to Mayor Scharf for each of these legislative items and we ask that he bring them to a future Council agenda for discussion and a vote as soon as possible.

Thank you, 
Cupertino Youth Climate Action Team

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