Protest against shutting down of official faculty listserv

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Oct. 16: The official unit 2 listserv has now been summarily shut down by our 'leaders', ahead of an important GMM. We're told that we'll be transitioned to another listserv (with better 'censorship control' to deal with dissent), at some unknown time in the future. In the meantime, U2s are out of centralized communication means with each other. Here's a fun article for some leisure reading, now that you won't be getting all those messages from the listserv:

Political Dissent Must Be Protected:

"There is much discussion in Ontario politics, currently, about protecting freedom of speech on campuses. Having members of the community contest ideas or decisions they disagree with, even if it is “disruptive”, is not an assault on free speech. On the contrary, it is its very exercise. For a publicly-funded university like York to use its considerable institutional power to silence dissenters and plant the seeds of fear – that is a real threat to the freedom of expression that is a central component to a just and free society, especially for a university allegedly centered on social justice."

CUPE 3903

And, another recent piece:

Open Letter to the York Community on Behalf of CUPE 3903 Rank and File Members

"We are not interested in making an empty show of respect or in going through the motions of ritualized decorum. We require a higher standard than that. For us, respect can be genuine only if it is built on a foundation of truthfulness and transparency. As we are committed to that standard, we are also committed to challenging the York administration when it falls short of it, even if it means breaking the spell and allure of respectability."

"...The accusations are frivolous and often downright silly (while feelings may be hurt by a chant like “hey hey, ho ho, Rhonda Lenton has got to go”, this is not harassment or bullying..."

CUPE 3903 'Rank and File Members', endorsed by the Executive

We, the undersigned contract faculty of Unit 2 of CUPE 3903 at York University, and other members of the York community, protest in the strongest terms possible against the shutting down of our only official centralized method of communicating with each other, with 500-some faculty members currently subscribed.

Please sign your name below; I will update periodically.


Tatiana Paulin
Fern Salsberg
Linda Hargreaves
Judith Cohen
William Beauvais
Caroline Disler
Maria Wallis
Sylvia Lovegren-Petras
Arthur Younger
Martha Batiz
Harraj Chahal
Dafydd Hughes
Andrea Val
Allan Greenbaum
Daniel Perez
Sylvie Clamageran
Anne Lederman
Maria Keresztesi
Robyn Gillam
Mohamed Khimji
Kwasi Dunyo
Adam Cicchillitti
Wayne Skinner
Libi Lancia
Véronique Tomaszewski
Brian Katz
Charles Hong
Alireza Rafiee
Glenn Goshulak
Sylvia Peacock
Chandra Kumar
Sindy Mahal
Jai Chetram
John M. Limnidis
Michael Brown
Julie Allen
Patricia Brett
Heather Jordan
Sacha Williamson
Noreen Stuckless
Rick Lazar
Deborah Clipperton
M Sharon Armstrong
Elsa Michael
William Gleberzon
Luke Arnason
Janet Rubinoff
David Rayfield
Mary Traill
Affan Shoukat
Julio Fonseca
Catherine Ishino
M Weinstein
Nidhi Sachdeva