Hunter College SOE Petition In Favor of Remote Learning

Hunter College SOE Petition In Favor of Remote Learning

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Jiselle Corley started this petition to CUNY Hunter College Students and

The student body(and faculty members) that make up a collegiate institution should have the autonomy to choose how we receive its services. Since the inimical pandemic commenced last year, the nation has been foisted into the utilization of technology, which as of now seems like the safest way to conduct courses through the remaining academic year. 

The vast majority of students in the School of Education programs have agreed that remote learning is not only convenient for us, but the safest alternative to continue our education. 

In addition to the disorganization in preparation for in-person classes, Hunter College is not adhering to its most up to date guidelines(August 16th) posted on the website( The classrooms and working spaces are overpopulated, leaving no room for social distancing, there is no adequate ventilation system to ensure clean air circulating throughout the campus, and professors who are likely to spread Covid because they are doing the most talking(whether they are vaccinated or not), are not mandated to wear masks, in addition to other Hunter faculty/students seen not wearing masks on campus. 

It continues to become evident that Hunter College has not properly prepared for the return of students as administrators continue to send an influx of emails, altering vaccination/covid testing requirements. Initially it was not necessary to receive a vaccine(which does not guarantee non-exposure and/or spread of Covid-19 and its unforeseeable variants), but instead students could agree to take weekly covid tests. Subsequently we were told we needed to be vaccinated by a certain date, which was then altered to a contrasting date within 3 weeks of that email. This leaves little to no room for contemplation of students to make a comfortable and informed decision(as we have already started our classes), but instead is increasing anxiety about our health, financial situations(if we are forced to withdraw from courses), and expected graduation date, which exacerbates any additional mental issues we are already coping with in our daily lives. 

Returning to classes with a room full of students that are uncomfortable being there does not make for a progressive learning experience.

This past year, we have proven that we can successfully adapt to the newfound facets of living utilizing technology. Re-adapting back to a lifestyle we are not yet ready for seems unethical and extremely hazardous.

The institute, students, and nation need more time and appropriate planning before attempting to return to ‘normalcy.’

Additionally, the Professional Staff Congress has publicly voiced their concerns, and are in agreement that CUNY’s need to guarantee a safe return to in-person/hybrid learning, which previously stated, Hunter has not (

If we are forced to return to campus/be vaccinated by the 27th of September, we ask for the following: 

- Proper ventilation systems
- Adequate Hunter College staff, monitoring the campus and ensuring guidelines are being upheld at all times.
- Limited occupancy in classrooms and/or more professors to accommodate course sequence(s). 

If these demands cannot be met by this time frame, we ask to continue remote learning as we did last academic year, to ensure the complete safety of students and faculty members. 

We are unsure what other potential variants may continue to spread in the near or far future, and returning to campus for in-person learning does not outweigh the status of people’s physical and mental health. 

The students of the School of Education thank you for your time and consideration. Please stay well. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!