We will not comply with reporting of status or forced vaccinations at Cummins

We will not comply with reporting of status or forced vaccinations at Cummins

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Started by Derek Deposit

The signatures here represent just SOME of the employees who will not comply with having to report their vaccination status to the company. Additionally, we will not comply with coerced, forced vaccination measures as a condition of employment. 

Individuals have the right to keep their personal medical history to themselves including whether they have decided to be vaccinated. This company has no role in mandating it. The requirement of reporting of an employee's vaccination status for COVID-19 alone sets a dangerous precedent for what information is deemed as personal. It raises several questions.

When have vaccination records been required as a condition of employment? Will this information be used to discriminate over vaccine status? Where does the disclosure of information stop? Can financial records, sexual orientation, etc. be required and tracked? What if I want to stop vaccination at the current stage due to adverse effects, medical advice, or by choice? Will my "status" be changed? 

Cummins' own privacy training package states if private information is not needed, DO NOT request it. We have personally raised the Constitutional and legal liability this holds for those continuing to propagate to our leadership. For a company that lauds they follow the law everywhere, does that mean we can ignore there is no law here? And, even if there were, does this company have the right to say which laws are just or unjust over the individual? What about the core principle of integrity? Where can we find integrity when we have asked directly to Business Unit and Cummins Executive Leadership direct questions about their intentions and was always given, we will take that offline, with no follow up. That's not integrity to say the very least. This not to mention the compromise our religious freedom and moral obligations to our Creator

I end with a few cautionary sets of statements for the leaders who have continued to push this forward to their once valued employees. 

"By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or administer the COVID “vaccine”.

The United States Government Has Prosecuted, Convicted and Executed Medical Doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation. Aiders and Abettors of Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted and executed."

Be on the right side of history! I don't think J. Irwin Miller would even remotely support these actions and that's something you can further contemplate.

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!