Save Blueworks bus routes

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Blueworks ( operate a number of local bus routes within the South Western region of the lake district. These include the X112 from Barrow to Coniston via Ulverston, the X32 which operates between the Lakeland Motor Museum and Lakeside via Newby Bridge and the X70, a local service around Ulverston, which also provides the only public transport service to the hospital and health centre,

Between these three services Blueworks operates a number of key and vital links across this region, many of the areas severed by these bus route see no other bus service. Meaning that should they be cut many local people and areas will be cut off, with the service currently proving vital for the many local people who don't have the means to drive or who prefer not to.

Blueworks needs to find £16750 by Friday as part of the DVLAs licensing requirements by Friday to continue operating, without this money the routes will be closed. Blueworks doesn't need this money to go towards the day to day operating of the routes, it's a requirement by the DVLA that they potentially have this money available in order to deal with unexpected circumstances. We are calling on the local council and our local MPs to ensure that this money is proved and that local communities are not cut off from other local businesses and medical treatment.

In addition to petitioning local councils to provide the money needed for the service we are now attempting to crowdfund as much of it as possible, if you'd like to further support this petition please consider donating:

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