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Stop paddling (abusing) children

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Let me start by saying I believe in spankings if other punishments seem unsuccessful but, I believe it is the parents job to issue said spankings (with your hand). As a parent I believe I know my children & know what form of displine should be taken to insure they behave. Paddling is not the answer. Yes, children need to have disipline but, this is not the answer. It is illegal to beat your child at home but, not in the school system? It is a new era the cavemen are gone but, not the caveman techniques are still used?!? We are 1 of only 20 states who still allow corporal punishment. Knox county tn doesn't & Cumberland county shouldn't either. Doctors will tell you paddling is bad for your childs health,(Can bruise their butt for over 10 days,imagine sitting in a hard seat trying to pay attention in pain!), it promotes bullying, it lowers a childs self-confidence, what child is going to learn anything when they are so embarrased they can't pay attention, you shouldn't hit a child if you are angry, spankings at home that are hard enough to hurt your hand ARE considered child abuse I believe a PADDLE ( in my opinion is a weapon) is a lot harder then a hand, along with a huge list of other great reasons why they shouldn't use paddles. I believe if a child acts up there is a reason, fix that and you have fixed the childs behavior. Can't we have happy, intelligent, well behaved children without the abuse?!? The answer is YES.It doesn't matter if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or just someone who see's it is wrong then Sign this and share it.Let's help children in cumberland county have brighter futures ABUSE FREE. the link included is an article that shows how paddling can lead to mental disorders & an article on how it can lead to depression and Trauma

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