Petition for the Resignation of Skip Ebert

Petition for the Resignation of Skip Ebert

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Larock Hudson started this petition to Cumberland County

Hold the District Attorney of Cumberland County, responsible for his actions and words. 

•Uphold the resolution, the Board of Commissioners, released earlier in Spring 2020 denouncing exactly the actions displayed by the DA. 

•Censure Mr. Ebert until which time, he truly makes an effort to heal the laceration he's put into the Public's confidence. The 2 step demand process presented will suffice, though, the Commissioners have every right to go further. 

•Make a public statement, once again, denouncing such actions/speech by County officials and the lack of tolerance by the County as a whole. As well as, a presentation of deterrence of such actions, moving forward. 


Why is this important?


Cumberland County District Attorney, Skip Ebert, was recently involved posting comments concerning very controversial divisive issues on Facebook. After DA, Skip Ebert's racially charged, integrity lacking, arrogant display of culture biased of Facebook recently, it is clear he is not fit for office. We cannot afford at this day, at this time, for our elected officials to be blindly partisan and culturally insensitive. The DA, has betrayed the trust of the People of Cumberland County, by making unintelligible culturally biased comments in the public sphere. This action very directly, contradicts what the mandate of the office of the District Attorney. Elected officials should be among our most trusted public servants. With law enforcement, coming in a close second. In Mr. Ebert's case, he uniquely, is both elected and law enforcement. Comments about on going investigations, IS NOT within his purview, especially when not within their jurisdiction. Disparaging members of the public and attacking their parenting status, is not within his mandate. Clear racial or cultural biased is not within this mandate. When asked directly, in the numerous interviews concerning the subject, Mr. Ebert, flat out lied. Why was he commenting on an open investigation, on a Facebook post, that is clearly a hot button issue? Common sense would have told him not to. Unless, Mr. Ebert's comfortability either with the person who's FB page he was on or in tenure in public service, he felt gave him license to write off the public. Why would he choose a lack of discretion and restraint, as opposed to upholding the integrity, the office demands? Again, 30 yrs in politics, has given Mr. Ebert, an "untouchable" cavalier attitude. Why when made aware of his hurtful comments and opinion, has Mr. Ebert with the backing of the local Republican Committee, chosen to double down and resort to verbal attacks on citizens? Again, 30 years of public service in an area long known to be a stronghold for His political party, has given Mr. Ebert confidence in saying and doing such things. 

•Our elected officials cannot walk and talk with impunity. 

•Elected officials ARE BEHOLDEN to the rights and welfare of the public they serve. •Elected officials are in their seats, to serve the public, not the adverse. 

• We elect officials to be beacons of integrity, equality, to be role models to the ALL THE COMMUNITIES THEY SERVE. 

• Law Enforcement is appointed to be beacons of hope, truth, and justice. Community awareness, outreach, and involvement is paramount.


Due to the egotistical let response and lack of compassion, by Skip, has lead to only one of 2 courses of action to be taken. Either, Skip, resign his post or comply with the demands of the Constituency. These demands are listed below.


1. Meet with a coalition (non party specific) of people of color. Be open and willing to be counseled on social topics including but not limited to: 

Racial awareness 

Racial history of law enforcement and the criminal justice systems 


Online responsibility and accountability 

All of which, there seems to be a deficiency in practicing.


2. Public apology, specifically to the constituents you disparaged with your comments. This will explain your understanding of how your comments hurt and betrayed the faith of the Community. As well as, how this situation is counter productive to your relationship (or lack thereof) with people of color, especially Black men within the constituency.


**News coverage and Skips response can be seen at the the link provided.**

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