Objection to proposed boarding house Development (DA-2019/193/1) - 96 Oramzi Rd, Girraween

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Subject: Objection to Proposed Boarding House Development Application (Cumberland Council, ref DA-2019/193/1) - 96 Oramzi Road, Girraween NSW 2145.

We, the residents of Girraween community raising online petition to the Cumberland Council requesting to go through our community concerns and support the community to oppose the proposed boarding house development application on 96 Oramzi Road, Girraween.

Neighbour concerns:

- The proposed boarding house development site is not an ideal location

  • As it is closer to Girraween Public school, St Anthony’s Primary school, Day care centers.
  • Far from nearest available train station.

 - Due to the proposed development building size, height, depth of underground car park, setbacks, no. of units and occupants will have a severe impact on all adjacent and nearby properties.

-  All the near new built adjacent properties will have a major impact due to

  • The proposed depth of underground car park which is 2.7 meters and may damage adjacent building structures,
  • Proposed development has only one entry and exit for car park
  • And only 15 car parks are allocated for 31 units which may lead to car space congestion in surrounding streets.

-  Privacy of all the adjacent properties will be impacted as the proposed building property height is more than the adjacent properties and all the property windows and living will be visible which is completely unfair. We propose to have proper venetian blinds be provided to windows.

- Safety and Security: Due to the height and flat terrace of the proposed development it is easy to monitor all entry and exits of adjacent properties and can lead to illegal activities.

-  Loss of sunlight which will have an impact on adjacent properties healthy living, veg gardens and nature. We propose the terrace shall be restricted for entry by lock and key and walls higher than eye level.

-  Loss of solar energy and ventilation for all adjacent properties.

-  Loss of existing native tree on proposed development, trees are an asset to the landscape, adding visual appeal, year-round structure, fragrance and sometimes flowers.

-  Kids and Family friendly neighbourhood will be affected as most of the occupants in boarding house likely to be single person and mainly transient people of diverse life experiences, some of a conflicted nature and won’t be taking any responsibility. 

-  Proposed property boundary setbacks for a 5m high building is very short and unacceptable.

-  Resident accommodation manager responsibilities are unknown which will have an impact on safety and security of local community when external incidents arise by its tenants.

-  Streetscape will be affected due to dominant size and proportion of building to the detriment of local community.

-  Proposed development plan for 31 units for such a small residential block on a quiet residential street will increase noise, traffic and may lead to misbehavior with public which affects peace and wellbeing of the local community

-  Members of local community is working hard to live and survive, we pass through many difficult situations in leading life, career, maintaining family etc. and top of it why do we need to spoil our health with unnecessary issues so please think as you are one of the family members of adjacent property or community and act accordingly.

-  The local community property values may be affected adversely in long run due to such development.

-  We have expression from large numbers of community members who were surprised to find such development is coming in this locality as this kind of development is out of characteristics.


Community Concerns:

Safety and security of kids and Teenagers at risk:

Many Kids live and pass through this site every day to primary schools and Day care centres. Many Preteens and Teenagers playing and learning sports just opposite to the proposed building site and will have a high impact on teenagers play activities.

People and Culture:

Most of the boarding house occupants will be singles, varied life experiences, some of a conflicted nature, addicted to smoking, alcohol and may not be willing to take any responsibility which we already have this problem with housing commission located on one of the street corner of Girraween and top of this boarding house approval will have an high impact on family friendly community environment, more chances of teenagers attracting to alcohol, smoking and may lead to antisocial behaviours.

Girraween public school admission:

GPS already has an intense pressure to enroll primary students within school area because of high number of enrollment requests. The education department and council keep reducing school catchment area to relax the enrollment pressure. How can you justify this type of development while we do not have enough primary classes for current populations within the catchment? This type of development will put unnecessary strain on already stretched Girraween public school.

Crimes and Criminal activities:

Already we are hearing many criminal activities happening in and around Girraween and we do not want to hear anymore. We need more family and community responsible people in our areas.

And recent arrest around Girraween which hit the headlines on media “counterterrorism raids, accuse one of planning attack” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-02/nsw-police-counter-terrorism-operation-in-western-sydney/11271066

This kind development proposal may have chances of such anti-social elements and more which will have a high impact on our family friendly neighbourhood.

Decrease in property values and rents:

Just because of one development your putting all the surrounding property owners and tenants life in risk as most of the Girraween property owners are just on or above the affordable housing eligibility range and still we are independent and contributing to community in the form of all applicable taxes, we don’t want to be dependent on Government and putting all our effort to build a healthy and happy living for which we spent  millions of $$ in buying properties on mortgages but such building applications making us worried, risking our health also leads us to financial stress and disturbances in family.

Girraween character:

Most of the Girraween properties are villas, duplex and town houses, building proposal for 30 units with three floors in a small block is completely uncharacteristic and it is not a right place to accommodate boarding houses as it does not serve the purpose of boarding house being near to station or shopping area.


Girraween properties are still affordable to buy and rent even for low income/ single income earners hence this kind of developments are not needed till next two decades.

Also received plan documents are not reader friendly for all individuals and were sent during school holidays which is completely unacceptable as most of the residents are on vacation and unable to communicate with them to get the consent in a short time period from 03 Jul to 17 Jul 2019.