Allow Brazilian Au Pairs Stay for the 6-Month-Extension

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We, Brazilian au pairs on our second year, have been said that we cannot extend for another 6 months, even if we have the right by the Department of State, because our country did not close its borders yet. 

We are hosted by families that have already find another au pair, in-country or not, and have paid all fees for this new person to arrive, or do not request our services after our program end date. For the past months, as all of us went into lockdown, we had to quickly adjust to working more hours, homeschooling, providing and taking care of our host kids and family, whilst some of the parents are working from home. Some of us were not allowed by our host families to see or meet our friends for safety reasons, a majority of all respected and coped for all of this time. For at least 3 months, we missed opportunities traveling, knowing places, meeting, and making friends. We missed all the opportunities the agencies advertise, but even still we were a supporting rock for our host families that needed us to help them out during this difficult time.  

When we got an e-mail from our agency telling us amazing news, we hoped for more time to reach personal goals, work, and travel.  Even more, we are willing to stay and work for another 6 months. But, as our current families already have someone to fill in (they were not hoping we could stay longer), even if we want to stay in the US and provide childcare for another family, we are not allowed. 

Traveling home to Brazil during this time implies risking our families' lives and safety. This also implies that we are going back to our country where the situation feels uncertain, where we do not know when we are going to have a job. We also do not know when we will be able to see our friends and go back to our "normal life". Staying in the United States will buy us more time and benefit families that need our help. 

I hope with this petition, the agency Cultural Care opens its eyes for au pairs that are hardworking and still have dreams and goals to reach in these extra 6 months. We will be there and available to help, provide, and love our families. Please, consider our pledge. 


All au pairs from Brazil.