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Boy's Volleyball Team / Cullman County High Schools

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Have you and your friends ever wanted to have a team for a sport that your school doesn't have? The sport that we would love to play and have a team for is Boys’ Volleyball. It is actually so much fun to play and to watch. I think that it should at least come into consideration. Now, I will give my best reasons why I think we should have a Boy's Volleyball team.

 There are high school boys’ volleyball teams all over the country and all over the world. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't have one. It's not like it would really be a problem for us to get a team. I know plenty of people who would love to be on the team and who would be willing to come and try their best every single day. We should have plenty of practice space - we have two gyms, and if those are both taken, we can easily choose someone's house and practice there. Heritage Park also has a sand volleyball court where we could practice. They are wanting us to try out for sports teams all the time: it's just that for me at least, I don't really enjoy any other sport as much as I do volleyball. I have pretty much grown up around it for a long time because my mom played for the same exact school for her entire middle and high school years. She talks about it all the time. I think that it would be a great experience, and it would bring something new to our school that has never been there. It would also give people who don't play any sports or who might want to try a new sport a chance because it's something different and something new that we have never had before. We also would love to represent the school and wear our school's jerseys.

 Now there are a few problems that I can think of.The problems aren't that major and could easily be worked around. So one of the biggest problems would be, "Who do we play against?" To be honest, if the Board of Education didn't want to add it to all the county schools, then we could easily have twelve or so people on our team and just play each other and swap the teams around. I have talked to my friends about this and they have agreed that it would still be so much fun. We also could play the girls because who doesn't wanna see a Boy's vs Girl's match for like a school fundraiser or just something like that. Another big problem I could think of is people not showing up to watch us play. This really should only be a problem at first because people will not think it's that good but we will try our best to be the best and to make them want to come watch us. I honestly can't think of many more major problems of course there will be a few minor ones but I know we can work around it and fix them. So I know that this is a long shot and also I had an alternative idea if we couldn't get a season like all of the other sports. I have some good reasons that might come out of this.

If we can't have a season then why don't we have tournaments. I was thinking every other weekend or so we could have a tournament on a Saturday or a Friday against the other teams from the schools. I think that is reasonable enough if we can't get a season like all the other sports we have. There are also some really good things that can come out of having boys' teams at the schools, for example, it could give a bunch of guys a chance that don't really enjoy the sports. It would also get a lot of people outside and more active which I would say is really important. I think that there is no reason we shouldn't have teams at the schools to be honest it should do more good than bad. Another really good reason is there are College teams for this sport and Olympic teams. How are people going to get a chance at that if we don't even have a team? It is a really big sport just not here for some odd reason. If the problem is they don't think people will play it,  I have many friends at school that would love to play. Another important reason is our school motto is to " Be the Change." I just would really appreciate it being considered.  

 Now all I need is your help by signing this petition and showing The Board of Education and the principle of Good Hope High School that we really want this. We will be dedicated to it if they will just give us a chance. I know it's a long shot and all but I'm willing to go for it because I have wanted this for so long now. I am really hoping that we can make this happen. Thank you to everyone who signs!




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