Reverse pass/no pass and switch to optional Spring Semester Grades

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Sheila Juthani
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In response to the transition to online learning as a result of COVID-19, the CUHSD School Board switched the grading system to pass/no pass for the Spring Semester. This system will make college admissions much more difficult and competitive for CUHSD sophomores and juniors who will now be applying to college with a grading system that is considered more ambiguous by college admissions officers. This is unfair to students who are worked hard and have taken a rigorous course load to maintain high grades during the Spring Semester. In addition, our students will be competing nationally and internationally and with the uncertainty surrounding ACT/SAT scores, grades will carry more weight in college admissions.

Therefore, we respectfully ask the CUHSD School Board to reverse this decision and switch to a system where students may be given the option to receive a letter grade which can only be improved during the Spring Semester.