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Uninvite Milo Yiannopolous from speaking at CU Boulder!

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Breitbart News journalist and “alt-right” public figure Milo Yiannopolous has been invited to speak at CU Boulder January 25th. CU Chancellor Philip DiStefano said, “Personally, I feel strongly that discrimination and harassment have no place on our campus.”
It boggles the mind then, how he could be ok with Yiannopolous speaking at CU Boulder. Yiannopolous has written that the way to “make women happy again” is to “uninvent the pill and the washing machine.” He writes articles titled “10 things I hate about Islam” (“but it ended up being the 13 things I hate about Islam, 10 simply couldn’t cover it” Yiannopolous clarified) and complains about “liberals” and “feminazis” suppressing his free speech while raking in thousands of dollars on his university speaking tour. Some more interesting positions (all taken from articles on the Breitbart website) include: That Islam and feminism are “destroying the American way of life,” (Are we sure it’s not that over 90% of the new wealth in this country goes to the 1%?) that “male feminists are virgins, perverts, or both,” (an unsubstantiable and obviously sensationalist claim) and that “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” (false, and also sexist for assuming that women ought to concern themselves with how men think of them). At a recent speech at the University of Delaware, Yiannopolous went on a tirade against trans people, declaring that the LGBTQ community ought to "drop the T," and that the alleged higher rate of suicides among trans people proves that transgenderism is a mental illness.
Yiannopolous is not a journalist according to any respectable definition of that word; he is a racist, sexist, reactionary opportunist who makes a comfortable living off sensationalism. To deny him the privilege of speaking at our esteemed university is not to infringe on his (or anyone’s) freedom of speech. And deny him the privilege of speaking at our university is exactly what we ought to do.

The purpose of this petition is to get CU Chancellor Philip DiStefano to stand up to bullying and hateful rhetoric, and to stand up for all of the students of CU. It is to get Chancellor DiStefano to revoke the invitation for Yiannopolous to speak at CU Boulder.

EDIT (12/20/2016): According to the cited articles[1][2], Milo used a speech at the University of Wisconsin to personally out a transgender student in front of an audience, complete with photos presented via power point, before bullying that student on stage. At this point, the debate is no longer in the realm of "free speech issues" at all. If it weren't already clear, Milo is about explicit bullying of individuals, an act of violence against students who are at a university to be challenged intellectually and ideologically, not personally.

The first article provides a youtube video of the lecture:

The relevant claims occur "around the 49:52 mark."

According to the second article,

"Yiannopoulos proceeded to use the event to single out and humiliate a transgender student who attends the university, exactly as protesters had warned he would.

In his speech – which was streamed on the internet by far-right news outlet Breitbart – Yiannopoulos singled out Milwaukee engineering student Adelaide Kramer, showing pictures of her on a PowerPoint presentation and mocking her as a 'man in a dress' who 'I’d almost still bang'."

This abuse cannot be allowed to happen at CU Boulder. This thug has no place on our campus, or on the grounds of any institution that values humanity.

The student outed by Milo wrote a cutting response to the university after its Chancellor's feeble "apologies" and professed "surprise" that Milo was so vicious, despite repeated warnings from student activists that this would happen. One of her comments is,

"Do you know what it’s like to be in a room full of people who are laughing at you as if you’re some sort of perverted freak? Do you know what this kind of terror is? No, you don’t."

The Chancellor of that university failed to take his student's voices into account, believing instead in his own empty rhetoric about "free speech." As as a result, a student was directly attacked by a speaker. That Chancellor should step down.

In light of these incidents, I IMPLORE the office of the Chancellor to revoke the invitation extended to this dangerous demagogue, who will bring only violence and hatred onto our campus. Chancellor DiStefano, I don't want to see you on the receiving end of such a letter (or several hundred of such letters) as that written by that student.





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