Fire Jess Allen on CTV The Social

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On November 12th, 2019 Jess Allen, a tv personality on CTV’s The Social, defamed, insulted and belittled the hockey community. She said that hockey players are “white boys who are bullies”. She mocked Canadians for their love of hockey and its culture. She told families to find something else to spend their $5000 a year on “like travel”. She mocked Canadians with her “eh“ comment as well. She also mentioned Canadians worshipping at the alter of hockey, which is offensive to those who have their own religious beliefs and would not worship a sport. She needs to be dismissed from The social and CTV. 

This bigotry can not be tolerated!! Don Cherry was fired from Coaches corner for his comments about “you people” and yet she used a specific demographic and was not reprimanded or fired. To single out “white boys” is offensive. Of it were any other demographic she was referring to, she would have been fired. The hockey players work extremely hard to master their sport, they give back to their communities in many ways by reading to children, raising money for charities and volunteering their time to mentor young hockey players. They sacrifice vacations, social gatherings and even living at home to pursue their passion. They are hard working driven individuals who understand work ethic and goals. 
As a proud hockey Mom and junior hockey billet Mom who has seen what these boys sacrifice and give back to the community that supports them, I feel I must stand up for our players, white or any other colour and say NO!!  You will not discriminate against hockey players and get away with it!!  Not on my watch!!  Please join me in signing this petition to have Jess Allen removed from her position on The Social and CTV.