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Wendy lies to the members when she put her name on a ballot to run as President for 3 years when her DROP required her to retire on 6/30/2019.  She hires herself at CTA and increases her salary to $115,000. When her officers quit, (ask them why) she appoints a new board so where is our democratic process? The ultimate is when she sits down to bargain for active teachers and settles for less than they deserve. If you hadn’t voted no, she would have continued her ineffective leadership. Sign the petition and let’s get her out. It’s called a recall vote. CTA Members only. We need 4000 signatures.

We, the undersigned members of CTA, have no confidence in the leadership abilities of President Wendy Doromal and are asking for a recall vote conducted by Public Employee Relations Commission. Why?

1 In the last 4 years Doromal has settled with the District prior to the “new” district budget being introduced and voted on by the OCPS School Board –She has not done due diligence for our members or the bargaining unit. Wendy Doromal  accepted the first in June the district has offered. The bargaining unit voted it down by 79%.

2 She has chosen a team that does not reflect the diversity and experience of our membership per our documents And they haven’t been trained. 

3 Wendy Doromal has not been doing her job to represent members and hold  the District accountable to our contract For their violations of our current contract. 

4 She continues to sign same dollar agreements for raises, and then sign for bonuses further diminishing the retirement benefits of the veteran teachers. The last two mid year non-reoccurring retention bonuses received in January were given to every OCPS employee, so not a true teacher retention bonus. Now she says, “we listened.”

5 As a result of Ms. Doromal’s incompetence for the state’s bargaining laws, her lack of understanding of the difference between a CAFR and a budget, she continues to state publicly, “They have not a penny more.”  Sadly, she stated this in the media, further diminishing our strength as a union.  WFTV 9 reported July 2,  “I am sure that this is the best deal”, and “We were sure or we wouldn’t of signed…” said Wendy Doromal.

6 When the state increased FTE from .47cents to $75 per FTE she accepted less money as a cost of living raise.($550 in 2018 to $500 in 2019). She signed off on $150 more or $700 COLA. 

7 The $2025 for Highly Effective in the 2019 proposal was lower than the previous 2 years. $2075 – 2018, $2045-2017. This is basically simple math skills. Now it’s $2100 for Effective and $2800 for HE. 

8 She has flip flopped in her letters to members. http://orangecta.fea.aft.org/bargaining-faqs](http://orangecta.fea.aft.org/bargaining-faqs of the CTA Website. She writes “We are continuing to review all of the District budget records and will be consulting with an auditor to better determine where accessible funds exist” and “CTA is hiring a consultant to go through the District budget records to search even harder for any other funds that can be used to give our teachers the pay raises they deserve. Our auditor will also be reviewing the budget” after she signed their proposal!  Wendy Doromal should have analyzed the budget long before now And no one, saw anyone analyze the OCPS budget, but certainly not Wendy. 

9 We should not be compared to small counties like Seminole and Osceola! We are the 8th largest in the USA and should be getting raises similar to Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Duval. She did not listen when we asked for a % instead of same dollar raises for veteran teachers. 

10 After 2 bargaining meetings in June, and after the District’s proposal was presented, she signed it, then retired June 30, 2019. She has no skin in this game. She duped 14,000 members of the bargaining unit when she ran in March for President, paying her $115,000 a year with benefits, when she knew her 5 year DROP was up 6-30-2019.

11 When bargaining the insurance plan as presented by the District, her three CTA picks representing us on the insurance committee signed off on the increases without researching the Stop Loss Insurance. 

Wendy Doromal is wrong for members and should not sit at the bargaining table for Orange County teachers as a retiree.

14,000 teachers and their families are affected by the financial decisions she makes, as well changes to our contract like adding and extra day!

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!