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CT Scans expose us to the risk of developing cancer. Make consenting Pre-CT mandatory.

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Australian Leaders and Health Ministers should make obtaining a consent form from patients before exposing them to CT scans "MANDATORY", and stop the lies that the risks are small. The patient should decide if it is small or not.

In the absence of mandatory consenting and unbiased patient information, Australia has performed 5 million CT scans last year. This is 3 times higher than the UK per populus.

On the 4 April 2017, the ABC broadcast a research conducted in Australia by Professor John Matthews from Melbourne University. The research (click here to view) has revealed that people exposed to CT scans developed 24% more cancer than people who did not have CT scans.

When I Googled radiation risks, I discovered that the FDA and the National Cancer Institute state that, the risks of developing fatal Cancer from exposure to a CT scan is 1/2000 (click here to view). Upon further research I learned that 1 fatal cancer is usually associated with 4 other non fatal cancers and hundreds of chronic diseases (only one of those reaches the fatal stage).

I do not understand why such information is not passed on to patients. It is our right in a civilized country that we are told of the risks, the alternatives, and a written consent should be signed by the patient prior to the examination.

When I approached a health administrator, he bluntly replied that the risks are too small. Small or not, is that really his right or the referring doctor's right to make decisions without the patient's consent? Aren't we intelligent enough to analyze the facts and calculate the risks if it is well explained to us?

I then visited the GP, and asked him if there is an alternative. Guess what? 80% of CT examinations could be done by MRI, with better results, and no risk. However he justified his decision by saying that I might have to go privately and pay for the examination. I was gobsmacked, Is that really his right to make that assumption and make the decision? I would never hesitate to pay for an MRI rather than expose my daughter to that risk.

This is Australia and it is our right to make the decision. We might still go ahead and do the scan if there is no other alternative. This has disturbed me greatly as many members of my family have been put on CT scanners in the last few years without our consent, and not a single examination has added value to the treatment.

Please support my petition asking both Federal and State Leaders and Ministers for Health, to make informing patients about the risks of CT scans and obtaining a consent form to be mandatory in all hospitals and private Medical Imaging practices. Most the times there are better alternatives, that should become mandatory to offer it to patients. 

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