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Let CT police confirm that those openly carrying guns in public are doing so lawfully.

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H.B. 6200 would provide what Connecticut law enforcement says it needs: the authority to confirm that individuals openly carrying firearms in public are doing so lawfully. Current statute only allows law enforcement to request to see the permit if they have “reasonable suspicion" of a crime, even though the individual is required to have the permit on his person.

When police respond to reports of a person carrying a gun in public they can’t assume the individual is simply “exercising his rights.” When officers respond to these calls they have to consider the individual a potential threat until they can assess the situation. Law enforcement's duty to protect the public is compromised when they don’t have the authority to quickly and easily determine whether the individual is legally allowed to carry a firearm in public.

The gun lobby vehemently opposes the bill because it challenges its unfettered “guns everywhere” agenda. NRA sympathizers don’t recognize any limitations or requirements on the right to bear arms, despite the Heller Supreme Court decision which reads, “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited.” 

H.B. 6200, An Act Concerning Presentation of a Carry Permit, gives law enforcement the authority it needs to assure public safety and diffuse situations which the general public finds threatening while respecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

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