We demand "GENERAL PROMOTION" as per "UGC Guidelines"

I am from CSVTU amd haven't obtained the degree just because of 2 backlogs in 4th semester. So government and University authority must do justice without the discrimination. I have always supported the trends regarding promotion of Final Year Students, so it's my humble request to support students with few backlogs too ��

CSVTU never ever repsonds in email no matter how many times you send them email regarding anything.

So please consider the students with few backlogs too for general promotion if you do write letters to University authority ��

Justice must be served equally regardless of discrimination.

Students with backlogs have undergoing mental agony already just because of few backlogs and I often used to stucked in 27 marks for several subjects and Re-evaluation didn't work. All they care for money �

We students are united ��

Marks/grades never define the intellectual of students ��

I request to do forward this message to NSUI CG and they must demand general promotion for the students without discrimination after considering backlog students too who haven't obtained the degree just because of few backlogs. ��


1 year ago
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