Transparency in Paper Checking of Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University

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We all know that one student who is brilliant enough to study anything. We all know that same person getting fail into Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University examination. Reason? Lack of Preparation? NO!

Many other unqualified students gets easily passed while that good guy gets failed because of mereley his BAD LUCK. The student having excellent educational background gets failed by CSVTU. Rechecking/Reassement isn't transparant enough.

It's all about the money: It is no longer hidden that all the papers are checked for money. Checkers don't have anything to do with the future of students. All the hardwork that a student does in its complete semester of six months is just checked by a teacher in no more than 2-3 minutes. They get large amount of money by checking the papers. The more they check the more they will earn. Without reading the complete answers they give the marks. CSVTU is highly shameful in its paper correction. 

There are lots of cases in which you heard of improper checking or getting 'unexpected' marks. 

You know many other cases like this too.

This petition makes sure that students gets a copy of his/her answersheet just after the result declaration. All the copies are scanned so there will no issue of circulation of copies. If all the papers are checked properly and correctly then there must be no issue in showing paper to the students. As it is the whole and sole of his/her efforts of six months. And you have no rights to play with our future juat for few coins.

As the copies are scanned first and then it is checked so it can easily transfers to the students profile where they all can look their copies.