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Eliminate Tuition in the California State University System, and End State Disinvestment!

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The state of California is in violation of the 1960 California Master Plan, which vowed to provide free higher education to ALL students in the California State University system. Instead of providing free education, tuition has risen 923% since the late 1970s. This increase is due to a recurring pattern of state disinvestment in our education. Currently, the state of California is investing $6,888.00 per student in the CSU, which is dramatically less than the $11,607.00 the CSU previously invested per student in 1985. With all of this in mind, we are demanding the abolishment of tuition throughout the CSU system.

Senator McGuire and Representative Wood,

We are asking you to advocate for the abolishment of tuition in the CSU system, in an effort to fulfill the California State Master Plan's commitment to providing a tuition-free, premier education to all students in the CSU system. While abolishing tuition is the first step in making college more affordable, Creating a premier education in the CSU system will require many things, including (but not limited to):

1. Creating smaller class sizes
2. Hiring more faculty to work exclusively as academic councilors. These faculty members will be able to guide students towards success, without continuing to overburden out professors.
3. Funding field trips that allow students to attend professional conferences
4. Maintain well-funded women's resource centers and other centers that support marginalized students
5. Allocate additional funding for tutoring centers to ensure better instruction and service availability
6. Maintaining the EOP centers and working to provide support for students disabled by classism, racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression.
7. Providing well-funded campus medical health centers with longer hours of operations; preferably open from 6 am to midnight
8. Insuring unlimited access to psychological services for every student that seeks them
9. Create and encourage opportunities for paid internships and assistant positions within departments.

We know that you share our commitment to seeing California’s young scholars thrive. Unfortunately, if California continues its pattern of CSU disinvestment the success we seek will be increasingly difficult to achieve (in, or outside of the classroom). The California State University system was once described as “The People’s University”. We, the people, are asking you to keep it that way.

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