Refund CSU Campus Fees Spring 2020

Refund CSU Campus Fees Spring 2020

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Adam Vargas
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In California, CSU students pay hundreds of dollars per term in campus fees for access to things such as recreation facilities, school-sponsored activities, athletics, university centers, and transportation. None of these facilities or activities will be available to students for the remainder of the spring semester/quarter, as many have moved off-campus, and even for those who have stayed, most facilities will be closed for the foreseeable future and all events have been cancelled in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

On behalf of all CSU students, we stand together to call upon the CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White, the CSU Board of Trustees, and Governor Newsom to refund these fees to students if they have already been paid for the term or remove them from upcoming billing statements if they have not yet. CSU students and their families are already hurting from this crisis, and paying fees for amenities and activities that they will not have access to is just an insult added to injury. 

We implore our fellow CSU students to support this petition to make it clear to the state of California that we will not be held liable for services we cannot use.