Yearbook for a Computer Credit

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Typing away at a computer, a yearbook student writes the stories of students. The stories will not be read until the last day of school, but when they are, they will be read by the thousand kids that attend Coronado high school. At our school in Colorado Springs, Colorado every student is required to have at least one computer education credit (1 semester) to graduate. While most students can exchange a study hall period for a quick class, others have their schedule full to the brim with AP and honors classes. There are people that take 3 AP and 2 honors classes, that still manage to fit honors journalism into their schedule. These people should not have to sacrifice classes that they have a passion for to have to take a class that teaches them less than they already know. Yearbook classes should be counted as a computer education credit.

Those who take a yearbook class can tell you that they certainly do use computer skills. To make an extraordinary book that students will still want to look back on in 20 years involves the creation of templates which include position and organizing the pictures and textboxes. Once these templates are all set up, they still have to think of and type up interesting stories that catch the reader’s eye and keeps them entertained. Yearbooking students also do just as much as any photography class would. They have to upload pictures (that they take themselves) and then organize them by quality and event. After they are uploaded, some pictures may be adjusted and go through a photoshop cleansing, which photography students also do.

If yearbook were to become a computer education credit, there would be more involvement in the class. More people would be willing to join yearbook to get that computer credit and then there would be more people in the class. More people being in the class would benefit the yearbook as a whole because there would be more coverage in a general sense. School and sports events would be more covered by a range of people. A bigger group of people would be known because of the diversity of participants in the class. Yearbook can also appeal to the liking of many different groups of people. Those who are concerned with their GPA do not need to worry, because if they were to positively impact the yearbook their first semester, the second could then be counted as a honor credit. Anyone that is interested in expanding their friend group could take the class and just do interviews that do benefit the pages. Sign my petition and we can send it into the district to change what needs to be changed.

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