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Roundabout at Intersection of 200 N and Angel St for Cleaner Air and Pedestrian Safety

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Kaysville city is about to install another set of traffic lights at the intersection of 200 N and Angel St.  Residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the intersection are concerned about the safety, air quality, and traffic flow issues that the lights will create.  Please read the research comparing roundabouts to traffic lights below and sign our petition.  A change may take the city more time to implement but the outcome will be a much safer, healthier choice.  Many other cities have used this research to choose roundabouts.  The video is from the state of Minnesota explaining the common misconceptions about roundabouts.

Many thorough studies have been done comparing roundabouts to traffic lights. The evidence that roundabouts are safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient for traffic flow and more overall cost effective is overwhelming. Following is a summary of collected data illustrating the pros of roundabouts vs. traffic lights. (Percentages are an average of many, many studies).


Roundabouts reduced: crashes by 38 – 87%; injuries by 76%; fatal crashes by 90% and pedestrian/cyclist crashes by 40%.

Why? Cars must SLOW to enter the intersection; speeds are slower within the intersection; prevents the possibility of either a T-bone or head-on collision; people are not speeding up to “beat the light.”


Cars in roundabouts emit remarkably less pollutants than cars in intersections: carbon monoxide emissions decreased by 33%; carbon dioxide (which accounts for the largest percentage of America’s pollution) reduced by 46% and other gases reduced by one-third to one-half.

Why?  Idle time is significantly reduced; eliminates a lot of stop-and–go which is the least efficient thing for an engine to do.

Surrounding this intersection are neighborhoods.  During busy times of the day, traffic backs up on 200 N and cars are idling next to what is planned to be another phase of the Hill Farms neighborhood.  A traffic light will also cause back-up on on Angel Street which several homes face. Do we want cars idling next to our homes and park areas? 


Average delays cut by 20 – 89%

Why? Intersection can handle a greater volume of traffic at one time/more efficiently; if there’s a power outage, traffic can continue as normal.


Roundabouts save an average of $5,000 - $10,000 per year, per intersection for a city.  There will be more cost upfront due to the fact that a roundabout takes more land.  This cost will be negated by future savings.

Why? No maintenance required for hardware; no electricity used.

If you’re interested in reading further about the topic we’ve included the links for the articles from which we gathered the information:                


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