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Reforms for Mrs. Jankun-Kelley's 1284/1384 Syllabus

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December 4th, 2017

We ask that Mrs. Jankun-Kelley revise the “auto-fail” policy provided in her 1284 and 1384 syllabi due to the following reasons:

  1. There have been many students who have spent many semesters (up to four) attempting to pass 1284 and 1384 Computer Programming classes, and many have achieved greater than 60% in two out of the three graded categories: tests, lab, and homework. In the instance that the student's overall grade is a C. Why should the student, having demonstrated a passing grade, be held back and required to repeat the class? If Mississippi State University really boasts about their students’ success, then students should not face unnecessary academic barriers that would dissuade them from continuing forward with that specific career. From our experience, we find the auto-fail policy to be unjustified.
  2. Additional opportunities to improve the individual categories are not provided in either course. There have been numerous cases where students have asked for extra assignments, but were denied by the instructor. If a student is trying their best to improve  in areas where their grade is lacking, why reject them from doing so? Extra assignments is very different from a “free pass”; the student is taking on more rigorous work to be successful in the class.

In addition to the observations above, we believe that these amendments should be made to the 1384 course:

  1. Provide a grading rubric for all homework assignments given. This will clarify what expectations the grader has with the homework assignments. 
  2. Provide the option for at least a ⅓ of the homework assignments to be partner homework. 
  3. Have lab assignments posted a few days in advance so students can understand what is expected during their scheduled lab time.



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