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his is regarding Club house. I request all the buyers/residents to take some time and think about our stand on construction of club house within the premises by us vs construction by DLF on a land 500mts away from the premises. Please don’t think just getting rid of DLF by getting a club house no matter where and that after all we got what we wanted and our money is saved etc. etc. and that DLF will transfer the land and the club house to the residents welfare association.

Individual or group of 50-100 individuals (residents/buyers) have NO right to get into discussion with DLF and give consent on behalf of remaining all the buyers/residents (1500-1700 buyers) of both MH & WL that we are ok to have a club house outside premises of MyTown and that the land & clubhouse will be transferred to the residents associations (Please don’t misunderstand and take it personally, I am not saying that people are doing so).

Do give a considerable time and think with cool head about the pros and cons if clubhouse is built outside.


Just imagine, we have paid for clubhouse as mentioned below:


Clubhouse charges: 75000

Clubhouse membership fee for 2 yrs: 25000

Clubhouse annual subscription charges: 7000

Club security deposit refundable: 10000

Total: 1.17 Lac


If we count ourselves even 1500 families, it comes to 17 crores 55 lacs, and if we are 1700 families then it comes to 19 crores 89 lacs or 20 corers approx. if we round off the figure. Think about it, we can build a royal clubhouse with all the amenities and facilities which DLF didn’t even mentioned about.


Do you really think DLF will give you a clubhouse and other amenities like swimming pool, shops etc. worth Rs. 17-20 crores? DLF is going to take all of us for a ride whenever this discussion will happen.


I mentioned about pros and cons above, some of them are mentioned below:


1. Just assume will you allow your young daughter/wife/sister or female tenants, kids to go out of premises to swim in the pool after say 8PM? If clubhouse is inside one can still allow and have some peace of mind that they are within the premises and safe.

2. Can your kids go alone to the clubhouse outside premises. Somebody from the family will have to accompany them. What about those whose elders are not staying with them and they cannot go everyday with the kids? If clubhouse is inside at least kids above age 5 or so can go along with friends. But outside many people will not allow even if its group of 3-4 or mode kids.

3. Generally shops and convenience stores are built in the same complex in a given section of the Clubhouse building, if your clubhouse is outside then does it make any sense?


These are 3 main concerns which every buyer should think of, there are many other such disadvantages you can think about yourself.


We still have time as its not yet constructed and we can get our money back though it will not easy due to many reasons. One of the biggest reason was is consent from all the buyers not just from a group of few 100 people. BTW I remember in the email for Possession or for FDN they mentioned that during possession they will give us a buyers/residents directory, has anyone received it during possession?


It’s up-to you all now that if you want it inside or outside. I wish to have it inside and if not I am more interested in fight for a refund instead of having it outside. :)

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