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CSAAC: Have cameras setup to monitor the care/instruction and provide access to families.

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My daughter, Annamae, is currently 16 years old and was diagnosed with autism  at 18 months old. Over the years, she has suffered greatly at the "negligence" of our failing system.  Those diagnosed with autism, and other disabilities, are so often inadequately cared for by schools, group homes, hospitals and other healthcare providers, and are very much ignored by government officials.  On the morning of Wednesday, 7/31/13 Annamae awoke with bruising around her right eye.  While she does engage in self injurious behavior, all homecare providers and school personnel state that there were no incidents or behavioral concerns on each of their shifts on the previous day, Tuesday, 7/30/13.  Therefore, I requested from the school to view the taping of Annamae's day at school on that day (Tuesday 7/30/13). I was first told that would not be possible due to privacy concerns of the other students.  Then, was advised that the school principal/director will view the taping herself.  Now, on Monday 8/5/13 I was informed that there actually is no existing tape due to some technical issues that were incurred on that day. The explanation given to me was that there was no internet connection.  This has me totally baffled:  from parents are not allowed to view this taping to there is no taping for me to view. Everyone is saying nothing happened on their watch, then why have I been looking at my daughter's face with a severely bruised right eye?  A viewing of Annamae's day at school would allow me to see what kind of behaviors she was engaging in, or not engaging. I am now on a mission to see that cameras are utilized for my daughter.  And, I will also pursue worldwide usage of cameras in order to assist all families to help and protect their angels.  So many of whom are unable to speak for themselves.          

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