Recycling at Maxwell Terrace Apartments

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To CS Property Management:

We the undersigned residents of Maxwell Terrace Apartments urge you to implement recycling options in our complex.

Americans annually generate about 258 million tons of garbage a year, and over half of this is sent to landfills. Indiana is guilty for being one of the top producers of garbage per person; it is estimated that each person in the state produces 32.3 tons of trash annually. Our environment is greatly suffering from this amount of waste, and it is our responsibility to take action.

Bloomington already has a variety of great options for recycling services. The City of Bloomington Sanitation Services offers one recycling cart per household at no cost. If the residents of Maxwell Terrace can receive these services, we could potentially recycle and prevent hundreds of tons of garbage from going to landfills, oceans, etc. We need your support to help us do our part in caring for our planet for the future.

The Residents of Maxwell Terrace Apartments