Justice for cyclist Caleb Omwoyo RIP & bicycle lanes on all Kenyan roads now!

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Our hearts cry out for the gruesome, needless death of Caleb Omwoyo RIP...

The late Caleb Omwoyo was a young, healthy and vibrant man who had a passion for sports, especially cycling. Recently, Kenya has experienced a spike in the growth of the cycling sport and Caleb Omwoyo through hard work and determination had become well known for his heroics in cycling and his passion for the sport.

Unfortunately as many cyclists will have experienced, some drivers show very little regard for cyclists and their safety especially in Nairobi, worse still, most of our roads do not have adequate provision for cyclists and even pedestrians.

Along with the above, some of our public transport drivers (Matatu drivers) continue to engage in aggressive and reckless driving behavior, it would appear the traffic police are helpless to put a stop to this dangerous situation.

Sadly, yesterday early evening, our beloved Caleb Omwoyo RIP came face-to-face with one of these death merchants on Thika Road around Safari Park Hotel. The driver of a matatu under the 'Kenya Mpya' Sacco caused the death of Caleb Omwoyo RIP by dangerous driving. Caleb Omwoyo RIP had no chance!

While we now have to accept his death and send our love, support and prayers to his family, we must make sure Caleb Omwoyo RIP is the last one to die such a needless death by signing up to this petition that demands for the following with immediate effect;

1. That the driver of the Kenya Mpya Sacco bus be immediately arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving and given the maximum punishment under the laws of Kenya.

2. That the family of the late Caleb Omwoyo and his beneficiaries be given maximum monetary compensation.

3. That the Kenya Mpya Sacco be held accountable and sanctioned to the maximum level for the dangerous behaviours of their drivers which has now become all too common and which our traffic police department has demonstrated inability to stop.

4. That CS James Wainaina Macharia, E.G.H - Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing Urban Development & Public Works immediately issues a directive directly or through parliament that ALL roads that do not have bicycle lanes in Kenya immediately have bicycle lanes constructed to serve the needs of all types of cyclists in urban and suburban areas, providing them with their own travel lane on the street surface. The minimum width of a these bike lanes should be 1.5 meters (5 feet) against a curb or adjacent to a parking lane.

5. That the CS James Wainaina Macharia, E.G.H - Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing Urban Development & Public Works immediately embarks on a public sensitization exercise to educate all road users on safe driving behaviours on roads where citizens are increasingly taking to cycling for health, efficiency and economic reasons.

Please support this petition, we intend to engage a law firm to pursue this matter and achieve all the set objectives and ensure cyclists in Kenya never again have to fear for their life as reckless drivers who have turned into death merchants pose a never ending threat in an environment where infrastructure is inadequate.

We plan to match as a group from the spot where Caleb Omwoyo was gruesomely killed all the way to CS James Wainaina Macharia's office at Transom House on Ngong Road to physically hand this petition to him and to demand action once the petition achieves the required 100,000 the signatures, we only have 30 days.

Once again, to Caleb Omwoyo's family and friends, we are very sorry for your loss. We cannot imagine what you feel but we can have faith and hope for you and your family! May God give him eternal rest and put his soul where the righteous rest. Our sincere condolences. Amen.