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Remove ping latency in N/A , E/U servers !

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"You have been kicked because your latency is too high"

We all know that we are facing a huge trouble in warface! So many players are playing since 1 year ago.No matter how much we  have kredit,How much we spent for playing hours, We all getting kicked for this latency restriction ,Even rank 80 or rank 1 ,we all getting kicked without playing PVP in WARFACE.

When you introduced the ping latency in july of 2016 , We all thought that would be great for good game experience. Unfortunately that was a one reason to  "so many players leave the warface". Most of players are from asia ! You can see that warface official facebook page's comments from players.We all are talking about "When will remove the ping latency ".Even you can see by going all channels of PVP rooms. All channels are green .That make sense because few players can play PVP. Before this Ping latency come, We all played good better than this worst game experience.

If you remove this ping latency restriction for all players, That would be great for warface game future , because we all can play in one server . That means, for an example "RUSSIAN SERVER" ( we all can play PVP without kicking for ping issue. There are 40 million player in that server, all can play PVP ,no ping latency kick and therefore many players attract to that server . 


So please do something good for all players.Not only for WHITE-BAR players.


As a player of WARFACE i would like to tell you guys please request your help for this petition for remove this ping issue. ONLY you have to do , give a VOTE ! by registering and VOTE!  tell your friends,share this post, We have a goal for 2000 players vote! So stop crying about ping latency kick, make this happen ! 

PLEASE if you want remove ping latency,tell your friends,share this and VOTE!






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