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Crysis 3 MP - Spectator mode


Dear Crytek developers of Crysis games and Mr. Cevat Yerli

As far as we know - you want to add in Crysis 3 - Spectator Mode. It was made on stage Crysis 3 closed alpha and it was nearly ready. But at stage Beta Crysis 3, you decided to exclude this mode for useless...

Quote of Fellblade from the topic "CRYTEK C3MP Dev Q&A": "Spectator Mode code was something that was prototyped in C3MP but due to time constraints we ended up having to drop it, which was a great shame"
A link to the post: http://secure.mycrysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=58756&start=10
And the screenshot of the post: http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/5153/48640323.jpg

We are OVER's, the loyal fans of the Crysis games series and organizers of the international fan-tournaments known as "OPEN Squad Wars" at Crysis 2/3 games. We ask you, Crytek, to add to the Crysis 3 MP the Spectator mode. At least for custom servers only.

The main reasons:
- A worthy judging and the ability to track the games of the tournament participants of the OPEN Squad Wars in order to prevent attempts of unfair play (cheating, hacking, etc.);
- The opportunity to broadcast live streams of the tournament games of the OPEN Squad Wars, without any discomfort for the players;
- Using the Spectator Mode in other Crysis 3 professional matches/events.

We hope for a positive response.
With respect,
OVER clan.

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