Help Stop The Deadly Water Conditions In China's Cancer Villages Before It's Permanent

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Hello! We are CrystalClear, and we want to find a way to educate and provide a better filtration device for villagers living in rural areas of China.

China's rapid industrialization has taken the lives of many living in regions with high risk. At 140 miles north of Hangzhou City, in the village of Wuli, residents must suffer through one of the greatest issues of the 21st century: pollution. In these "Cancer Villages," deaths caused by contaminated air and water have increased exponentially due to industrialization and an uprise in factory development. In Wuli, home to 2,000 people, 60 people have died of pollution caused by cancer between 1994 and 2004. These numbers are statistically far higher than the average, proving a direct correlation between pollutants and death rates. Studies show at least 496 of these villages, convoluted with chemicals and toxic substances. For Xie Zhengqing of Yanglingang, he can see the direct effects of recent factories built, his mother bedridden with bronchitis and his infant nephew dead of Evan's syndrome. Every villager in his town has at least one close family member who has succumbed to cancer. Factories and mills near human homes dump toxic and radioactive waste material into the rivers they depend on for drinking water and living. Villagers don't have access to clean drinking water or filtration systems, and the factories aren't held to their environmental regulations, with officers ignoring their plight. These people need access to clean water via water filtration systems, awareness of their condition, and tighter environmental restrictions and more say in industrialism on their land. This is what is happening when industrialism goes too far. If we don't limit it here, the pollution will reach America's west coast too. 

Please join us in striving for clean water by signing this petition and raising awareness about the cancer villages of today, in order to better our tomorrow.