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Removal of Luxury Taxes on Feminine Hygiene Products

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In the United States, there is currently a nationwide (with the exception of a few states) luxury tax on feminine hygiene products.

Having a tax on a basic necessity magnifies the gender injustice in America. Throughout history women have been shamed if they speak openly about their menstrual cycles and the struggles that may go with them and because of that, women have never been able fully dispute these bloody tax crimes against them.

Sophie Liley, an advocate for women in Perth, Australia, perfectly stated, "Putting a tax on products women need as a direct consequence of their biology is fundamentally sexist."

It is already financially damaging to women to have to pay for these items per month; it is especially devastating to women in low income areas. “Our government is imposing a charge exclusively on women by forcing them to pay extra for the ‘privilege’ of a health necessity,” said Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang. "And for many low-income communities it is difficult to access hygiene products. This form of regulatory discrimination should end.” 

The price women pay per month does not stop at feminine hygiene products. Many women face severe pain due to cramps or other significant diagnoses, such as endometriosis, and because of these difficulties, women have to pay additional costs for medicines to subdue the pains associated with their menstrual cycles. Removing the "luxury" tax is beneficial to the pocketbook.

Rise to the occasion and make yourself be heard! It is time for this atrocity to end! 

Let's go out there and make a difference!



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