Justice for Phoebe

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Phoebe Markwood is one of the hardest workers I know. Her dedication to the Hamlet Pool and managing it simply cannot be matched. She's worked more hours than anyone and calls this pool her second home. Recently, she was subbing as manager at another location, the Langley Swim and Tennis Club, and received a seemingly important call while in the stand and proceeded to take it, as she is prone to helping others and making sure everyone's needs is accounted for, especially due to the fact that she wasn't attending to her own pool as the moment and was concerned for the well being of her fellow employees and patrons. A parent saw this, took a photo, and sent it to Crystal Aquatics, the company that owns all the pools in the area. Being caught in the stand on a cell phone is subject to immediate termination, which was enacted in a matter of hours. While we respect the rules set in place and recognize they are established to keep us safe and help regulate safety for members, us fellow lifeguards and parents believe this is a special case of unjust. I myself note that if this was the case at the Hamlet no parent would take such action because they know Phoebe and recognize that she would never neglect her duties as that's the professional persona she takes when greeting pool patrons and they often admire her for it; she is beloved by the entirety of the community. This bystander doesn't realize the repercussions of their actions as this is someone else's life they're affecting. The parent was concerned with the safety of their children I'm sure, understandably so, but I know for a fact if any patron was even in an ounce of danger Phoebe would chuck her phone halfway across the world and drop everything to provide care. Our Hamlet Pool is highly understaffed as it is, needing to call in substitutes almost every week to compensate for the few workers. Last year we had nearly 30 employees, and this year we're down to a mere 11. Phoebe is the glue that makes 11 workers function and the motivation to keep the Hamlet such a loving and positive atmosphere. Only a day has gone by without her and her absence is evident, not in functionality because as employees we do our best to compensate for her vacancy as she would want us to remain on task, but in spirit. We have no intent to slander Crystal Aquatics as they were simply following their own protocol, but Phoebe Markwood is a special case of potential and ambition that will have immense repercussions on our pool atmosphere, so we ask to bring attention to this diligent, admirable worker's misfortune and hope to convince Crystal Aquatics of their inequity (with all do respect of course)

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