CRUK and SU2C To Display ‘Kids and Teens’ Link On Ad’s With Children

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There’s over 200 types of Children’s Cancers, 1 in 5 children in the U.K. still die.

CRUK have a link ‘Kids and Teens’. We want EVERY ad they use of a child fighting Cancer to display this link on screen. It’s really simple, if the ad shows a child fighting Cancer, display the link to donate to children’s Cancer research. 

Children’s Cancers are massively lacking in advancements and have not benefited from funding and research like adult Cancer treatments have.

CRUK and SU2C donated LESS THAN 2% funding to Children’s research last year (2017), but used children with Cancer in around 40% of adverts.

We would like equality for children fighting Cancer. Equal to adults, NOT MORE, NOT LESS, Just Equal.

Please sign and share, Lynsie and Penny x