Bring Don Cherry back, Remove political censorship in television

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With the release of Don Cherry from hockey night in Canada, We have been shown that standing up for our way of life is wrong.  There was nothing offensive with what he said, he spoke the truth and was punished for it. The man asked people to buy poppies and take part in a Canadian tradition.  Our right to free speech is being taken away from us.  I feel it’s important to remove political censorship from media.  When you turn on the news you should hear the whole truth, not the pieces.  Freedom of speech should be in the media. Removal of people from social media for their opinions is wrong and should not happen.  Don Cherry has always spoke his mind and for the most not used profanity.  He represents the voice of many people, many of which have lost their voice.  To lose Don Cherry in media would be an insult to his supporters